Fascism & anti-Semitism


The Nazi regime is a form of Fascism. Fascism is the definition of a political view which has the following hallmarks: militaristic expansionism, being against the democratic concept, being against both capitalism and communism, belief in a natural social hierarchy and subordination to one person. Furthermore, in Fascism it is common to have the wish of racial “cleansing” and the removal of inferior individuals or ethnic groups from their community.

The Nazi regime held all these traits and had a strong sentiment for racial superiority. In their view the German ethnic people were of the superior race, the ubermensch. The other Germanic countries, Denmark, The Netherlands, norway and sweden, also had superior elements in their race. The Nazis believed that the Slavic and especially the Jewish races were inferior to all other nations. Also, they believed that these races were “contaminating” their superior race by mixed marriage. At last, they also believed in eu-genetics. Eu-genetics is a pseudo-science which postulated that you could enhance a race, or people in general, by removing the misfits from society and/or making it unable for them to reproduce.

nuremberg nazi party rally
nuremberg nazi party rally


The idea of human “sub-races” comes from the social Darwinism. This pseudo-science believed that not only between different species Darwinism could be applied but also within species. This meant that people are not the all the same but part of different sub-races. These races had the same biological laws applied to them as general Darwinism. These are the struggle for survival and survival of the fittest. The Germans believed that the most inferior races do act as parasites on the stronger races.

So, for the Nazis it was important to remove the inferior races from their society. There are 2 different views of their intentions on the way how to remove them. These are called intentionalism and functionalism. The Intentionalistic view postulates that the Germans had the intention to kill the inferior races on forehand. The functionalistic view postulates that the Germans had the intension to force emigration of the inferior races. But,  due to the war they slowly felt forced to kill the people in order to remove the inferior people from society.

anti semitic spider


But why were the Jews of the inferior race? Well they had several, invalid, arguments. At first they believed the Jews had negative hereditary traits. Because the Nazis believed that the Jews are not only a religion but also a race.This also meant that you cannot leave the Jewish church and become non-Jewish. This is a kind of sinkhole argument: you cannot leave the Jewish race because it is hereditary, but can enter the Jewish race because it is a religion. Traits of the Jewish “race” were: they held to themselves in closed communities, the Jews only cared for they own good or race, there was a Jewish conspiracy with the aim of gaining world dominance.

There Nazi ideology also stated that this conspiracy was especially targeted against the Germans: the Jews made Germany loose the first world war, accumulated wealth and not scaring it with Germans during the great depression and weakening the German with inter-marriage and sexual relations.

der ewige jude anti-semitic propaganda
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