Anti-Semitic laws

The Germans immediately started the process of dividing the Jewish population from the German populations. Here, I would like to discuss the major laws enacted by the Germans. The first law is the enabling act, this law made it possible for the Nazis to bypass parliament when enacting a law. This meant that no longer voting was the was to determine if a law was going to pass. The Nazi rule could enact any law, only being limited by keeping social unrest under control. After this law was enacted a set of anti-Jewish law followed. Although, at this point they interpretation of the law was very broad since there was no clear definition on who was Jewish and whom not. The law also did not only target the Jewish population, also communist and other “unwanted people of the state”

The clear definition on who was jewish and whom not could be made after the nuremberger racial laws. This law stated that only “volks deutsche”, real germans, had the right to bear the german citizenship and the right to vote. Also non-germans were not allowed to have marriage, relations or intercourse with germans. Practically splitting the population in germans and non-germans. The nuremberger law also made the swastika flag the official german flag. After the enactement of the nuremberger laws a period of relative silence and friendliness came. This was not because of a change of policy. No, the nazis wanted to have a nice and calm 1939 summer Olympics.

After the Olympic the pressure on the jewish community was increased, Many laws were enacted prohiting them from practicing certain professions, visiting certain places or interacting with germans. This accumulated in the Kristallnacht at the 9th of November 1938. This accumulated in the Kristallnacht at the 9th of November 1938.

timeline anti jewish legislations
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