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Welcome to the Holocaust Atlas.

This site aims to give insight in the location of events during the Holocaust. With the direct witnesses fading away, it is important to collect and log the locations where atrocities of the holocaust were commited. A lot of research had been conducted about the many questions regarding the Holocaust. However, these scripts and data are often published in books of journals. Only findable via buying the books or visiting libraries specialized in this topic. Here, i hope to provide a free spatial insight in the events and location of the Holocaust. Therefore, welcome to the Holocaust Atlas!

How to use the Holocaust Atlas.

Above you can see all layers of the Holocaust Atlas activated. By clicking on the icons themselves you get more information and relevant links of that location.Individual layers are extended and explained in the articles under the maps tab.

Why this site?

The aim of this site is to create interactive maps centering around the holocaust. Feel free to use/link to my maps in your own projects, but please inform me about


the aim is to weekly update new content/improved content. At this point the maps are far from finished. Feel free to contact me to provide feedback, wishes & advice.