21-03-2019 update
  • website is published online
  • added first draft of map to the site
  • added site information and contact details
23-03-2019 update
  • added t4 and extermination camp pages
  • added intermediate asylums and poland location to aktion t4 map
  • initiated SEO optimalization
28-03-2019 update
  • added concentration camp, nacht und nebel and ghetto pages
  • updates atlas map with descriptions and links
4-04-19 update
  • added article anatomy of a concentration camp, death marches and genocide on soviet POW
  • updated site lay-out
14-04-19 update
  • reordered side lay-out
  • added articles: Fascism & anti semtism, kristallnacht, generalplan ost, wannsee conference, aktion reinhard
  • more details added in other articles
1-05-19 update
  • added articles 14f13, porajmos
  • added timeline to frontpage
  • removed typos etc.